This is our presentation at the 9th World Conference on Ecological Restoration.


One of our foundational goals at the Refugio is to gain deeper insights into the role of humans in natural ecosystems. We welcome researchers who are interested in using the resources of the Refugio to further our understanding of the natural world.

Potential research areas

Located in one of the most biodiverse areas in the world and near some of the few remaining primary rainforests in the world, the Refugio and its surroundings are a unique ecological hotspot.

The wildlife sanctuary offers numerous opportunities to answer questions on biodiversity, animal behavior, soil biology and many other topics. As a former student of the evolutionary theorists Konrad Lorenz and Rupert Riedl at the University of Vienna, Alexander holds a particular interest in evolutionary biology, ethology, and ecology.

We are open to new ideas for research projects and do our best to support your work. Please bear in mind that, as a wildlife sanctuary, the wellbeing of animals has priority, however, so we cannot tolerate work which involves stressing, harming or killing animals. If you would like to get in touch, please contact us via our contact form here and choose “Research” as the category.