Saying good bye to Fabian, our invaluable helper for the last 10 weeks

Alexander Tinti | July 1, 2021

Interested and talented in a wide range of subjects, not only about the environment but also about economics, podcasting, filming, audio-editing and computer graphics, Fabian arrived just in time to support the production of our video presentation for the World Conference of the Society for Ecological Restoration. Within hours he developed a fine feeling for flying the drone, providing us with the most beautiful aerial footage, and contributed subsequently to almost every aspect of producing the video. While washing dishes, he could always be seen wearing  headphones listening to podcasts. Sharing these podcasts and his thoughts about them led to many inspiring debates about a wide range of topics. He is off now to a symposium in San Francisco on Effective Altruism and then to the Netherlands to begin his studies in global challenges. We wish him a lot of luck and hope he will return to the Refugio soon!