Max Mena Castillo

Max, from the nearby town of Rio Claro, has a vast array of skills. Apart from running his own organic farm, his experiences are ranging from reforesting to construction, repairing cars and building technical equipment, assisting in office and administration, and, last not least, he carried over a lot of valuable traditional knowledge from his grandfather. He has a big love for nature and a strong sense for perfection in whatever he does. Having lived in Germany for some years Max speaks fluently German.

Max Mena Castillo

Mauricio is from our village and works almost since it’s beginnings in the Refugio. He is in charge of maintenance and his specialty is heavy work and heat composting. Together with Esteban he also takes care of our pair of water buffalos. Mauricio has a passion for English which he picks up very fast just by listening.

Mauricio Garita Mendez

Esteban also grew up in our community. He joined our team in 2019. Before that, he worked in palm plantations. Now he is in charge of maintenance and takes care of our vegetable gardens and our beloved chicken. Together with Mauricio he also tends to Mario and Leonie, our awe-inspiring water buffalos.

Esteban Corrales Cruz

René, originally from Nicaragua, moved to Costa Rica many years ago. He is our loyal and reliable night guard who keeps us and our animals safe while we are sleeping. Up all night, he reports every morning about animals that we rarely see, such as the crab-eating racoon, kinkajous, anteaters and many others. Rene has a beautiful daughter Nicole.

Rene Diaz Flores

Mario comes from Vienna and joined the Refugio Tinti team in March 2020 during a three-month stay in Costa Rica. He currently studies Statistics and works in Neuroscience research at ETH Zurich. Previously he graduated from the University of Oxford in Economics and Management. He is responsible for public relations, fundraising, and supports the development of new projects at the Refugio.