This is our presentation at the 9th World Conference on Ecological Restoration.

The Refugio Tinti is a conservation project in the south of Costa Rica.

Our mission is to restore and maintain ecosystems, to enhance biodiversity
and, within this framework, to create economic stability.

Closing natural cycles: from a contaminated swamp to a wildlife sanctuary of ever increasing biodiversity.

We pursue a systemic approach combining microorganisms, wildlife ponds, large numbers of mineral-fixing trees and shrubs, and many more methods inspired by the principles of systems ecology and permaculture.

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We support local communities in their efforts to raise their living standards.

Our integrated approach addresses social cohesion, education, food security and environmental protection which will lead to enhanced economic stability.
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Our reforestation methods are grounded in the same principles as the Refugio itself: imitating strategies observed in nature and recombining them to allow habitats to recover as quickly as possible.


We envision the establishment of a permacultural education center in our community to inspire inhabitants growing their own food and keep their wealth circulating within the community.

Food forests

We develop concepts to convert palm oil and other monocultures into biodiverse polycultures, so-called ‘food forests’, that are profitable, and which have a positive impact not only on the environment but also on the community.

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Calle La Gamba, La Gamba
Puntarenas 60701, Costa Rica


(+506) 8945-4899 (Spanish or German)

(+506) 8816-1107 (English or German)


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Our partners:

Ministry of the Environment and Energy

We work with national and local representatives of Costa Rica’s Ministry of the Environment and Energy.

Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock

We work with national and local representatives of Costa Rica’s Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock.

Society for Ecological Restoration

Alexander Tinti was a guest speaker at the globally active Society for Ecological Restoration.

Osa Conservation

Osa Conservation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting the biodiversity of the Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica.

National Parks Foundation

The National Parks Foundation is the Costa Rica’s biggest organization protecting and developing wildlife areas.


We are proud to be supported by Permachange, a Swiss association founded to support the projects of the Refugio Tinti.


We are member of Restor, a data-science-driven network of restoration experts globally.


Lemu is a network connecting restoration experts and funders. Find the Refugio Tinti on the Lemu app!

Bandera Azul

We are certified with the Bandera Azul, a Costa Rican government award recognizing responsible ecosystem management.

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