This is our presentation at the 9th World Conference on Ecological Restoration.

Refugio Tinti launches tree nursery for endangered species

Alexander Tinti | June 3, 2021

As members of the biological corridor AMISTOSA we are committed to significantly contributing to their reforestation efforts. At the Refugio, we are maintaining a greenhouse for up to 10,000 tree seedlings focussing on species threatened by extinction.

Finding and collecting such species is a highly specialized job for which we are working with trained specialists. Even though there are often thousands of seeds and seedlings under such a tree, they all have their function: they are food for many animals and are needed for natural seed dispersion. Therefore we never allow to take more than 10% under one tree. Some seeds need to be ‘scarified’ before planting, mimicking the stomach-acid of animals eating those seeds and setting perfect conditions for their germination. Depending on the species, one needs to take care of the seedlings for up to five years to secure their survival.