UC Davis researchers visit the Refugio

Mario Stepanik | March 17, 2022

At the Refugio, we constantly strive to connect researchers and practitioners from diverse fields related to ecosystem restoration. We have been particularly honored to host Dr. Jenella Loye and Dr. Scott Carroll, two entomologists and evolutionary ecologists at the University of California, Davis. 

During a tour of the Refugio, conversations revolved around the overlapping interests of the researchers and Alexander. Dr. Loye and Dr. Carroll pioneered the scientific testing and development of organic, natural and low-toxicity pesticides, fertilizers and soil amendments, which is why the successful application of permacultural methods at the Refugio found an echo with them.

We are proud that our proposal for the diversification of palm oil monocultures into food forests was of particular interest to our guests, not least because they own land in Southern Costa Rica themselves. We hope to build a productive and mutually enriching relationship on this basis!