This is our presentation at the 9th World Conference on Ecological Restoration.

Meet our team.

Alexander Tinti

Alexander was born in Vienna, Austria. After studies in art and natural sciences in Vienna he worked as a director and stage designer in Austria, Germany and New York City. Concerned by the rampant destruction of the environment he changed course and studied soil biology and permaculture. 1998 he moved to Asia, where he was involved in various environmental and artistic projects. After Thailand, Cambodia, Bali and Sri Lanka, he eventually moved to Costa Rica in 2016 where he developed the Refugio Tinti, a wildlife sanctuary and permacultural farm. Apart from that, he develops concepts for the diversification of monocultures into profitable food forests and participates in the government project AMISTOSA, the biological corridor between the Osa Peninsula and La Amistad National Park. In his free time he likes to paint and write. You can find more about Alexander in this post about his background and his interview with the Stanford University’s MAHB.