This is our presentation at the 9th World Conference on Ecological Restoration.

Volunteer at the Refugio

We are happy to welcome volunteers who support us in our work. Working at the Refugio will help you gain theoretical and practical understanding of ecosystems, sustainability and much more.

Time frame

We accept applications all year round. The minimum length of your stay is one month.
The total length is flexible.

Tasks and challenges

The work at the Refugio is varied and will depend on your skills and creativity. It is our goal to reconcile human societies with natural environments, therefore proactivity in finding related solutions is welcomed. Your work may include:

– helping our co-workers in their daily tasks: caring for animals, composting, harvesting, drying herbs, planting trees, weeding, maintaining paths and infrastructure etc.
– social media and public relations (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Website)
– daily taking of relevant photos
– knowledge in graphic design is not required but greatly appreciated
– cooking (using products of the Refugio as much as possible, developing new recipes with our ‘exotic’ herbs and vegetables)
– leading tourists through the Refugio and explaining the project
– identifying and updating the inventory of our fauna and flora
– minimum of daily household work (keeping kitchen and communal areas clean)

Volunteers may also propose their own project when it furthers the idea of the Refugio. It may be carried out with the approval and under the supervision of the Refugio.

Working hours

Monday through Saturday
6am to 12pm (flexible)

Rules in the Refugio

Please remember, we are first and foremost a wildlife sanctuary.
It’s us who have to blend in, animals always come first!

We have no electric lights, therefore our day starts before sunrise and ends after sunset (also candles attract insects from the jungle).
No smoking, no drugs, no pets and no electric lights (except flashlights, preferably red)
No artificial noise (listening to music only with headphones)
Keeping kitchen, communal spaces and your bungalow clean and presentable at all times
No visitors except with the explicit permission of the owner (overnight stays only with full payment)

What we offer

In addition to the learning opportunities, the beautiful surrounding, and the family atmosphere, we offer you:

– your own spacious bungalow or shared with one person
– vegetarian food (to be prepared on your own)
– WiFi in the communal area
– laundry (washing, no ironing)
– bicycle upon availability (the Refugio has 2 bicycles)

What we ask for

$25 per day to cover part of food and living costs in the Refugio.
20% downpayment secures you the spot, the balance must be paid upon arrival.

How to apply

Interested applicants please send the following materials to as PDF documents:

1. Statement of interest (no more than 2 pages, double-spaced) describing:

a) your professional interests and career goals
b) your reasons for applying
c) and your availability

2. CV (no more than 2 pages) describing any relevant jobs, internships, volunteer work, scholarships, and/or other activities that you have held or participated in, and other skills or accomplishments that you wish to identify.
3. Accepted applicants must provide proof of international insurance and criminal background check.